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20 May 2024

How do I know what experience and qualifications/training the carer or nurse has?

At NurseMaster you can rest assured that we don’t just take anyone on our books. We want to provide the best people, who do the best job; leaving satisfied clients. We have a reputation to uphold all our nurses and carers as we are from in the health profession ourselves, we understand. All nurses and carers are vetted, personally interviewed, have police clearance and MOJ. We will give you a brief about the supporter and try to match you as well as possible. 


What is the minimum time I can book a carer or nurse with NurseMaster?

Unlike other companies that have a 4-hour minimum, we only have a one hour minimum. 


Can I book a carer/nurse to visit a facility where my loved one is?

Yes absolutely. We often get asked to visit their special one in rest homes, dementia facilities, retirement apartments to do welfare checks, be the primary visitor or secondary visitor, feed and hydrate them, do activities, take them for walks and sunshine. It is a very popular option and some families ask for several visits per week to give them peace of mind that their loved one is being looked after properly.


How do I book a job for a carer/nurse with NurseMaster?

To book a job with NurseMaster just get in touch either via email or phone me. Many jobs are organised for certain days/times a week but if it is a one off just get in touch and let me know what you need - remember there is no minimum time (an hour or more) and anytime you need us we can organise someone at short notice. Remember we are always here and you can always phone a real person and speak to the same people to assist you with organising your care needs. Ph Lou on 0210 246 0897 or email service@nursemaster.co.nz


How do I know whether I need a carer or a nurse?

If you're unsure whether you need a carer or a nurse, consider the level of care required. Carers provide assistance with daily living activities, such as personal hygiene, meal preparation, and companionship. Nurses, on the other hand, offer medical care, including administering medication, wound care, and monitoring health conditions. Feel free to contact us, and we can help you determine the best fit based on your specific needs. 


Does NurseMaster offer Palliative Care & look after clients who are terminally ill?

Yes, NurseMaster provides palliative care, and we also look after terminally ill individuals. Our compassionate nurses and carers will provide relief where they can whether it be to run the household and be on hand for your family whatever you may need. This will be discussed and planned when we chat. We want to help you as much as possible to alleviate stress and aim to improve client’s comfort and care for families and loved ones during this challenging time. Sometimes just being there as a companion so other family members don’t have to worry and can go about their day is all that is needed.


Does NurseMaster look after people with dementia?

Yes, we specialise in dementia care. Many of our staff are experienced to understand the unique challenges associated with dementia and are equipped to provide the necessary.

support. This includes managing daily routines, providing mental stimulation, and ensuring a safe environment for your loved one. Dementia is so individual so we will personalise the care.


Does NurseMaster supply cleaners and prepare meals?

Yes, we do offer cleaning services. Our caregivers can provide housekeeping services tailored to your specific requirements. We understand the importance of a clean environment for health and well-being. We also prepare meals.


Can NurseMaster take my loved one to appointments?

Yes, we escort your loved one on appointments. If we require a vehicle then we will escort them in a taxi or other mobility service at your cost of course. Carers and nurses do not have a P (Passenger license) and you should never let any carer take your loved one in a vehicle that is not certified with a P driver. 


Can I stay home when the carer or nurse attends?

Yes of course, if you wish to stay at home and be in the same room or another room that is up to you or if you want to go out for the whole time, or part of the time you just do your life.


Can the Carer/Nurse do activities with my loved one?

Yes, we love doing activities and know how important it is to play games, go for a walk, read or listen to music or whatever your special one loves doing. We will find out our client likes and wants to do when we do their profile.


We have animals at the house. Can the carer/nurse look after them while there?

Yes, we make sure we find out these things when we do the profile and only send pet lovers. 


How much does NurseMaster charge per hour for a nurse/carer to come to our house?

Our rates for a carer are based on the market rate (see our services and rates on the following page). However, we are committed to helping you reduce costs while ensuring you receive the best care through our matching system. Please contact us, and we'll work with you to find a suitable solution that meets your needs and budget. Ph Lou on 0210 246 0897 or email service@nursemaster.co.nz


Can I get some money back from the government if I use NurseMaster?

You may be eligible for government subsidies or reimbursements depending on your situation and location. If you like our caregiver that are reliable and professional, you can nominate them. We recommend checking with your local health authority or government website for information on available programs. Our team can also assist you in navigating these options to help you receive any benefits you qualify for.


How do I choose the right caregiver for my loved one?

Either email service@nursemaster.co.nz or phone Lou on 0210 246 0897 and we will discuss your needs. Don’t be alone on this journey life is too short and help is right here.